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Our submission for the 2018 ShenaniJam. Did a lot of last minute work, hopefully no game breaking bugs slipped through! Unfortunally we did'nt have much time to do balancing work. Made in roughly 30 hours.

Fight your way into the void to claim the ultimate treasure!

Beware the Watcher..

Move with 'WASD' shoot with 'SPACE' Change SHAPE with 'TAB' or 'J', 'K', 'L'

You can only damage your shape!


Jam info:

Theme: Void Sandwich

We started out doing the Gameboy challenge but ended up sort of moving past it, we still have a lot of elements from it. Same thing with "Just shapes", we have some cheaty sprites. We completed "Mozart" and "Tango".

Made with Game Maker Studio 2
Programming/Design: Tobias Persson
Assets/Design: Mikko Martti
Sound effects made with BFXR

Music made with Milkytracker

Install instructions

Unpack and run EXE


Into_the_void.zip 5 MB
ShenaniJam_intothevoid_source.yyz 6 MB

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